First visit

There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to see a gynecologist

Be sure of the main reason why you booked an appointment
There is an overwhelming chance that your experience will be positive after the doctor has told you about what was unclear before arrival
Some women find it helpful to include a good friend or even their mother in the interview
Calm music is played at the clinic to create a cozy atmosphere
It is different when girls / women first see a gynecologist, but it can be anytime from the beginning of first menstruation to the time she starts having sex
Many women find the thought of a gynecologic examination difficult. However, not all visits demand an examination to be performed, but if this is requested, it is of course done and respect is maintained. The woman then gets a clean gown prior to examination
Sumar konur koma fyrst 23 ára en þá byrjar skimun fyrir leghálskrabbameini, svokölluð krabbameinsskoðun sem gengur út á að greina forstigsbreytingar (frumubreytingar) áður en þær verða að krabbameini. Þessi skimun er nauðsynleg þrátt fyrir að þú hafir verið bólusett fyrir HPV veirum (human papillomavirus; HPV)Hámarksbiðtími eru fjórir virkir dagar en sé erindið brýnt er mögulegt að óska eftir þjónustu samdægurs, sérfræðimóttöku eða símtali.