The Clinic

Stofan er staðsett í Hamraborg 1, 5 hæð (200 Kópavogi)
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Great emphasis is placed on hygiene in the clinic

 Our vaginal ultrasound probe goes through a special cleaning process that receives the best reviews from Landspítali's infection control department. With ultraviolet radiation technology, this treatment kills all bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals. We are the first private medical clinic in the country to use the effective and environmentally friendly Hypernova Chronos by Germitec. All instruments that come into contact with tissues are sterilized, with those that pass through tissues being packed after sterilization and placed in the autoclave a second time. All women are provided with a clean gown on arrival.

Clear answers

Clear and concise answers

Patients receive test results (Pap-smear, sexually transmitted disease test, endometrial biopsy, biopsy after removal of skin lesion, blood test results) sent by e-mail or telephone, whether they are normal or abnormal. This way you can rest assured the results have been checked. If a request is made for a telephone appointment, medication renewal or an appointment on the same day, an attempt is made to accommodate this.

Well equipped

In order to maintain professionalism and excellent service, we make sure that we always have the most sophisticated equipment available.